Mike Greehan escalates the conflict!

Background -- Events leading to this crisis

The League of American Bicyclists is in trouble. 

Below are some of the "highlights" of the LAB leadership crisis that led to the formation of LAB Reform.  These events point out the need to change the leadership of LAB and end this crisis.

In December 2005, Mike Greehan threatened legal action against LAB Reform over truthful but embarrassing information we have published at labreform.org.  You can read about this in the articles listed below.

In March, 2006, Greehan claimed he had not threatened to "sue" us, but only "legal action".  This reminds us of a recent politician who tried to dodge questions by saying:  "It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is."


Since this article was written in late January, 2006 we have had private contacts with a few board members.  Unfortunately, most directors are not taking this problem seriously.  They seem to think that the election scandal and sneak bylaws changes, which occurred three years ago, are "ancient history" that is no longer a concern.

However, most of the bylaws changes have not been rescinded and three of the directors directly responsible for these problems are still on the board.  We believe that these problems still threaten the viability of the League.

We have a bit of progress to report.  On Feb 1, the board announced candidates for the 2006 board election.  Among the candidates allowed on the ballot are three reformers, including John Allen in Region 1, Fred Oswald in Region 4 and John Forester in Region 6.

Initially there were three candidates in Region 4 and this could have produced a split in the vote between two LCI's.  Such a split might have helped elect an extremely divisive candidate.  Hence, Fred Oswald withdrew from the election in favor of Jim Sheehan.  Jim did win the election and is now the Region 4 director.

You can read about the "Greehan problem" in the sections below.

  1. Threat from the LAB President
  2. LAB Reform's answer to Greehan's lawyer
  3. LAB Reform's message to LAB Board
  4. News Release about Greehan threat
    (We are not making this available so long as there is no further escalation.)
  5. A second Greehan letter
  6. LAB Reform's answer to 2'nd Greehan letter
  7. Resolving the crisis

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