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Webmasters: Please link to us (see below)

Webmasters:  Please link to LAB Reform.

The best way to cure the problems with LAB is through the disinfectant of sunshine.  This means telling people about LAB mismanagement, misplaced advocacy and the efforts of LAB Reform to correct the problems.  We have tried to provide much useful information here about the best practices of cycling, facilities, engineering and advocacy.  Please link to several of the articles listed on this page.

Warning:  Our opponents try hard to keep LAB problems secret.  We have heard accounts of retaliation against others that have simply mentioned or linked to LAB Reform.  We hope you can resist such pressure.  Even better, publicize any attempts to silence free speech to embarass the wrongdoers.

Please join us and help restore the BikeLeague to members.

See www.labreform.org to join LAB Reform.

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