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LAB Reform -- Who We Are

Here are some of the leaders of LAB Reform.
There are many others who support us but cannot allow their names to be shown.

The faction that controls the League retaliates against people that they consider "disloyal".

LAB Reform is an informal group of serious and knowledgeable cyclists who are concerned about safety and rights to the roads.  We are committed to restoring LAB as a protector of the safety and rights of all American cyclists.

Interim President:  Bill Hoffman, Lancaster, PA, 717-560-3636  billhoffman1 _AT_verizon.net
LAB Life Member #34
LAB Director 1974-82, 2001-02 and 2005-2011
LCI #33 (since 1980); LAB Education Committee Member 1994-2002 and chair 1996-2000
1996 LAB Education Award recipient, 2000 LAB Volunteer of the Year co-recipient
Numerous volunteer positions held from 1972-2002
Fred Oswald, Cleveland, OH  fredoswald_AT_yahoo.com
Mechanical Engineer, NASA Glenn Research Center, Professional Engineer in Ohio
Area Vice-president for LESA, Lewis Engineers and Scientists Association, International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers, Local 28.
LCI #947.  All-season bike commuter.  2003 Candidate for Region 4 Director.
Board member, Ohio Bicycle Federation
Member of OBF Bicycle Traffic Law Reform Committee and primary author of 2006 Ohio bicycle traffic law reform package.  Most of the reforms passed.
Developed OBF Cyclist Friendly Communities program
Founding board member of Cleveland Bikes, a local advocacy organization
Member, Lake Erie Wheelers Cycling Club.
Surveyed and recommended reforms for local bicycle traffic ordinances in 75 NE Ohio communities.
Organized committee to review and advocate reforms for bicycle traffic laws in US states
Author of many cycling education & advocacy resource pages:
John Schubert, Coopersburg, PA  Schubley_AT_aol.com
ECI #600
LAB Vice President, 1997-1999 & board member 1999-2001, representing Region 2
Author of two cycling books and hundreds of magazine articles
Founder & Chair of the BicyclePA network of more than 1,000 miles of signed touring routes
Secretary of Pennsylvania's state bicycle advisory committee, 1995 to present
Steven Goodridge, Cary, NC  sggoodri_AT_mindspring.com
Principal engineer, Signalscape, Inc.  Ph.D. Electrical Engineering
Member, Cary NC Planning and Zoning Board
Advocacy Officer, NC Bicycle Club
Member, Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization Bicycle/Pedestrian Stakeholders Group
Webmaster for Humantransport.org, including Project Universal Access and North Carolina Coalition for Bicycle Driving
Wayne Pein, Chapel Hill, NC  wpein_AT_nc.rr.com
LAB family member since 1991.
20 years of everyday bicycle commuting in 3 states, 10 years USCF racing.
Bicycle transportation research specialist at a contract research organization 1992-1999.
One of the authors of federal and state level publications, including:
Crash-Type Manual for Bicyclists
Evaluation of the Shared-Use Lane Arrow
Trail Intersection Design Handbook
Designing Trail Termini (Terminations)
A Tale of Three Cities
Published 2 articles in Transportation Research Record journal.
Presented at 4 Pro Bike conferences and 2 Rails to Trails national conferences.
Assisted in initial training of the 50 state coordinators
Founding Member of North Carolina Coalition for Bicycle Driving and author of papers at http://www.humantransport.org/bicycledriving/index.html
Bob Boyce, Lincoln, Nebraska  rboyce_AT_inetnebr.com
LAB member for 10 years. Member Great Plains Bicycling Club.
Bob has commuted to work by bicycle for 32 years and used bicycles for daily transportation needs for ten years before buying a car.
He analyzes bicycle collisions in Lincoln, teaches bike safety to young folks, has served on the Lincoln Bicycle Safety Committee, and written articles for the BicyclingLife website
John Forester, MS, PE, Bicycle Transportation Engineer,  Lemon Grove, CA forester_AT_johnforester.com
1971: Prosecuted for riding on the roadway and making a left turn, by Palo Alto, CA
1972: Opposed the US bicycle design regulation, which stated that it was safe to ride a bicycle at night without a headlamp.
1972-6: Sole cyclist representative, California Statewide Bicycle Committee, formed by the Legislature to advise it. Opposed its bikeway designs and laws.
1973-5: President, California Association of Bicycling Organizations.
1975-7: CABO representative to the California Statewide Bicycle Facilities Committee.
1975: Developed the Effective Cycling course.
1975: Sued the US Consumer Product Safety Commission regarding its bicycle design regulation.
1976: Wrote the book Effective Cycling.
1976: Gave Effective Cycling Program to the League of American Wheelmen.
1977: Wrote the book Bicycle Transportation.
1976-1983: Director for California of League of American Wheelmen
1979-80: President of League of American Wheelmen.
1980: Wrote and directed the first Effective Cycling film.
1978-1986: Member, Bicycling Committee of the Transportation Research Board, an arm of the National Academy of Sciences. Wrote and refereed papers for this.
1976-1986?: Managed the Effective Cycling Program for the League of American Wheelmen.
1993: Latest edition of Effective Cycling.
1994: Latest edition of Bicycle Transportation.
1995: Wrote and directed the Effective Cycling Video.
2001: Wrote the first paper describing vehicular cycling accepted by a professional transportation journal.
Since 1974 have testified in court concerning many bicycle accidents and cyclist prosecutions.
John has written many articles and made many presentations to traffic engineering conferences, regarding cycling science and cycling affairs. Many of these are available at www.johnforester.com
Bob Bayn,  North Logan, UT bob.bayn_AT_usu.edu
Safety Officer for Cache Valley Veloists Bicycle Touring Club
Bob is former chair Cache MPO Ped/Bike Advisory Committee
32 years of year-round bicycle commuting without bikelanes
Bob initiated the repeal of Utah's mandatory sidepath law and other bike law reforms
Bob made a great handout prompted by seeing local wrong-way riders: "Where to Ride Your Bike" (also available in Spanish thanks to Carlos Ferrandis)
Chris Lundberg,  Meadville, PA lundberg1_AT_earthlink.net
College biology and mathematics instructor
Uses bicycle for transportation and recreation in Meadville, PA, and previously in Corvallis, OR, and Freiburg, Germany
League Cycling Instructor, #1021, LAB member since 2002
Khalil J. Spencer,  Los Alamos, NM khalil_AT_losalamos.com
Technical Staff Member (Chemist), Los Alamos National Laboratory
Ph.D., Geochemistry, 1987, SUNY Stony Brook
LCI #1173, four-season bicycle commuter
Former Board Member, Bicycle Coalition of New Mexico
Former Board Member, Vice President, and President, Hawaii Bicycling League
2002-present, Member, Transportation Board of Los Alamos County, NM
Formerly a member of the Honolulu Mayor's Advisory Committee on Bicycling

Peter Boor,  Doylestown, PA peter.boor_AT_att.net
LAB Life Member #194-F, ECI/LCI #4
Aerospace Physicist (Retired) BS Physics/Math 1960
Former Bicycle Shop Owner, Bicycle Commuter, Racer
Charter Member (International) Human Powered Vehicle Association (Treas, VP, Pres)
Author of several Bicycling-related articles (tripping traffic lights, future of streamlined bicycles, bicycle education and planning)
Member of Doylestown Borough/Township Bike/Hike Committee (Director of DVRPC-related Share-the-Road effort)
Karen Dunnamkrdunnam_AT_earthlink.net
LAB Life Member #532, ECI #36
Former newsletter editor, defacto program manager while on staff.
Magazine ad rep 1983-84, ad manager 84, editor 1984-86.
Doug Huffman,  Washington Island, WI doug.huffman_AT_wildblue.net
Retired reactor plant test engineer now homemaker
Member: Coastal Cyclists, Palmetto Cycling Coalition, League of American Bicyclists, LAB-Reform, Grass Roots Gun Rights South Carolina
I cycle for recreation and transportation and have enjoyed state tours and unsupported touring. I came to Effective Cycling advocacy from a successful state gun-rights advocacy. I find analogies between 1A-cycling and 2A advocacy and between the NRA and the LAB.
Alan Wachtel, Palo Alto, CA  Wachtel_AT_aol.com
Senior Technical Writer, Cisco Systems, San Jose, CA
Member, Institute of Transportation Engineers
Member, Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals
League Cycling Instructor #115, all-season bike commuter
Chair, California Bicycle Advisory Committee
Member, Palo Alto Bicycle Advisory Committee
Government Relations Director, California Association of Bicycling Organizations
Life Member, League of American Bicyclists
Life Member, Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition
Member, Western Wheelers Bicycle Club
Western Wheelers Bicycle Club Ben Lefkowitz Award for Outstanding Contributions to Bicycling, 2003
League of American Bicyclists Regional Director's Distinguished Service Award, 1991

Bob Shanteau, Seaside, CA 
Robert M Shanteau, PhD, PE
Consulting Traffic Engineer (I became a traffic engineer over 30 years ago through bicycle advocacy)
Expert Witness

Member, Institute of Transportation Engineers
Member, Society of Forensic Engineers and Scientists
President, Monterey County Bicycling Advocacy Group
Ex-secretary, California Association of Bicycling Organizations (1973)
Ex-president, Santa Clara Valley Bicycle Association [Now Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition] (1972-1974)
Ex-president, East Bay Bicycle Coalition (~1978)

  • "Are Sidepaths Included in the Definition of Class I Bikeways (Bike Paths)?" presented to the California Bicycle Advisory Committee, August 2, 2007
  • "Meeting the Challenges of Sidepath Intersection Design", presented to the California Bicycle Advisory Committee, October 6, 2007
  • "Proposed Revisions to the Caltrans Highway Design Manual to Address Sidepaths", presented to the California Bicycle Advisory Committee, December 6, 2007
  • "Detecting Bicycles and Motor Vehicles Using the Same Loop Detector", presented to the California Department of Transportation Electrical Systems Branch, October 16, 2007
Bob Shanteau
P.M. Summer,  Dallas, Texas  pmsummer_AT_swbell.net
ECI# 349
Fifth generation Texan, without a trust fund.
Former board member of the Texas Bicycle Coalition.
Senior Transportation Planner/Transportation Alternatives Coordinator
City of Dallas Public Works and Transportation
Managed the nation's largest Vehicular Cycling based bicycle transportation program 1991-2008, keeping it true to VC principles (with a few well conceived MUPs thrown in for job security).
Got rid of the City's only bikelane/sidepath after 15 years of trying, and thereby honored by Bicycling Magazine and the LAB's Executive Director as working for America's "worst city for bicycling."
http://dallascityhall.com/pwt/bike_links.html (official)
http://cycledallas.org/ (unofficial)

Keri Caffrey,  Orlando, FL  keribird_AT_spamfence.net
Illustrator and Publication Designer
22 years of urban cycling experience. 4 years teaching pace line skills to members of a women's cycling club. Recently became an LCI (#1924) to teach vehicular cycling to the community.
Advisory board member and webmaster for Florida Bicycle Association.
Education coordinator, board member and co-founder of BOBbies women's cycling club.

Peter Rosenfeld,  Collingswood, NJ  jprosenfeld_AT_yahoo.com
Peter Rosenfeld has been a transportational bicyclist since the late 1960s and is interested in bicycling safety and the traffic engineering aspects of bicycling.  He has extensive bicycling experience in the Mid South, Los Angeles and the Philadelphia area, where he currently resides.  Bicycling with disabilities and ebikes have been a recent focus. He is a former member of LAB who has trained in EC and works as an aerospace engineer.

Please join us and help restore the BikeLeague to members.

See www.labreform.org to join LAB Reform.

© Copyright 2004-2011 LAB Reform.  Material may be copied with attribution.
For comments, questions, contact fredoswald_AT_yahoo.com.
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